A guide to writing a medical case report

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This online lecture is specifically aimed at writing medical case reports and provides some tips for authors.
Mainly discussed issues:
-Should I devote my energy to case report writing?
-How to find suitable cases to report?
-How to structure a medical case report?
-How to publish a case report?
Hope it will be helpful for your medical case report writing!

The nature of medicine makes it necessary to publish new findings as case reports. Case reports are a time-honored tradition in the medical profession. From Hippocrates (460 B.C. to 370 B.C.), and even arguably further back since the papyrus records of ancient Egyptian medicine (c. 1600 B.C.) to modern-day, physicians of all specialties have described interesting cases involving all specialties [1,2]. Published case reports provide essential information for optimal patient care because they can describe important scientific observations that are missed or undetected in clinical trials [3].

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