Statistical Analysis

Improve your research transparency and increase its reproducibility with clear, easy to understand results. 

We Bring Life to Lifeless Data

Positively influence your manuscript’s performance through meaningful data interpretation. Using statistical methods, our team analyzes your research findings and methodology to validate and quantify your work. Get the Statistical Analysis to organize and present your data in a clear, credible way. For whatever your concern, we help you present the power of your data.

NJE offers 3 Statistical Analysis options to meet your research needs.

Option 1

Statistical Analysis

Why do you need it?
• If you are a Researcher looking to synthesize your findings and improve its presentation, you will benefit from Statistical Analysis.
• If you are a Researcher or an Author with only raw data, you will greatly benefit.



Option 2

Statistical Recommendation

Who needs it?

  • If you are a Researcher looking for expert opinion in selecting the correct statistical model and tools for your statistical evaluation, you would benefit from the results.
  • If you have data and have already identified the statistical method, but need to run the statistical tools and software, this service will help you develop your research findings.


Option 3

Statistical Verification

When Should You Select Statistical Verification?

  • If you have already completed your statistical analysis, you carry out this service to validate the findings.
  • If your collection and analysis is drawn, you run a second process to verify the statistical analysis and improve the findings.


Struggling with Statistical Analysis for your research? Let us help you.




Data analysis for your research. Our Data Scientists provide a complete statistical analysis of your research. You will receive tested and verified research data supplemented by tables, graphs, and charts. By selecting Statistical Analysis your research findings will breathe organization, credibility, and precision. All ready for publication.

Your Benefits:

  • Obtain clearly labeled data.
  • Receive statistical research findings and results.
  • Receive a Statistical Analysis Summary Report.
  • Obtain SPSS output file, graphs, charts, and figure files.
  • Receive written methods and results based on observations.

Our Requirements:

  • The objective of the study.
  • A short description of the study and the research methodology used for capturing the data.
  • The complete raw data.
  • Instructions for the expert and references to any published papers.

Statistical Recommendation

Recommendation puts you together with our Data Experts to develop the statistical model based on your final data and research objective. Based on the right tools, your research methodology and findings are evaluated. All in all, you will receive a detailed recommendation to improve your results.

Your Benefits:

  • Obtain statistical research findings and results.
  • Receive SPSS Output file.
  • Obtain additional graphs, charts, and tables.

Our Requirements:

  • Your research objective.
  • The research objective and hypothesis.
  • Clearly labeled data.
  • Sample distribution data.

Statistical Verification

When you need analysis validation and improving the clarity of your findings, obtain the Statistical Verification right here. By using your statistical method, our Data Analysts focus on your research objective and data to thoroughly analyze your data.

Your Benefits:

  • Obtain statistical research findings and results.
  • Obtain graphs, charts, and figure files.
  • Receive SPSS Output file.
  • Receive written methods and results based on observations.

Our Requirements:

  • Your research objective and hypothesis.
  • Your statistical output (e.g. SPSS file).
  • Your sample distribution data.
  • Provide the selected statistical model / technique / tool / programming language.

Our Statistical Experts work with the following software and tools




R Studio


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We ensure your English paper is consistent. Your editors are native English-speakers from the US, UK, Australia, & Canada.

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We work with ISO standard systems (ISO/IEC 27001:2013) to protect your data. Your research is secured from the moment it is delivered and every step after.

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