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English Editing

Academic English editors in your field review the language in your abstract, thesis, or manuscript to ensure that the language is ready for your publication. Whether you are submitting an abstract or a complete manuscript, your US-trained editors will correct any errors in spelling, grammar, and word choice. The result is a Publication-ready paper.


Academic Translation

Professional target language experts
accurately translate your field-specific work into a publication-ready manuscript.


Full manuscript formatting to meet your target journal’s guidelines.

Journal Recommendation

Assess the key factors in your work to match your manuscript to the most appropriate journals.

SCI Publication Support

Full assistance to meet journal guidelines, including illustration services, plagiarism detection, and optimized manuscript assessment

Scientific Solutions

The Road to Publication is Clear

Dedicated solutions for researchers or groups to save time, effort, and credibility. Gain complete support in a single package for work assessment, peer review, journal selection, manuscript preparation, and submission.

Statistical Analysis

When the Science of Collecting Data and Uncovering Patterns Gets Difficult, We Bring Life to Lifeless Data.
NJE provides the tools you need to positively influence your manuscript performance through meaningful data interpretation.

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Author Resources

Should you get and use an ORCID iD?

An ORCID iD provides authors with the means to reliably, unambiguously, and permanently attach their names with the related work throughout the research career.

How can I use an ORCID iD?

Advanced Searchers for Field-Specific Terms

Identify field-specific conventions for broader terms that can be used differently across various fields. This type of advanced search makes use of Google Scholar’s more advanced filtering function.

Read More

Effective Editor Communication – A Guide to the How and When

Most authors think that communication with journal editors is a formal process, controlled and restricted by manuscript online submission systems. 

Read More

Writing Effective Highlights

NJE MasterCourses takes you through the steps necessary to write effective research highlights.

Selecting Reviewer for your Research Paper

Ensure your articles have the best chance of acceptance during the Peer Review process by selecting the right Reviewers.

On Time

We help you meet your critical deadlines. Give us your work and we give back publication-ready work.

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Quality Guaranteed

Your document is rigorously reviewed and a third layer of editing with AI tools is applied to ensure your are getting the highest quality.

Native English Editors

We ensure your English paper is consistent. Your editors are native English-speakers from the US, UK, Australia, & Canada.

Protected Data Security

We work with ISO standard systems (ISO/IEC 27001:2013) to protect your data. Your research is secured from the moment it is delivered and every step after.